What every student needs to know about self-discovery before they graduate?

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The Must Haves of Self-Discovery

Know Your Hard-Wiring

This is the foundational building block in which each student identifies who they are.  Every class, every relationship, and every decision is made here first.

4 + 1

It's a simple equation that is often overlooked in education.  Their top 4 talents are tied to their 1 core value. It's the strength behind GPA that we seldom look for.

A Reason to Graduate

When students get an image of their future self, they see something they want to create, do or be, and then use education as a vehicle to get there.

The Path is a proven framework for creating a personal mission that is in perfect alignment with who you are, what you came here to do, and how to accomplish it.

The Path

Three Reasons Why The Path is a Perfect Tool for Every High School Student to discover their Purpose

Over Five Hundred Thousand people have used the Path to define their purpose.

The lessons and learning about themselves will have longterm gain for their mission, relationships and personal development.

Taking the Path Program as a Freshman will give them an advantage for making decisions about their classes, extra curricular activities, and future goals.

"It was like unfolding my life and showing me my options and paths I can take to do what I love." "

High School Student

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