Family Dynamics

I love family dynamics! I believe their are no coincidences and I believe the circles we find ourselves in are extremely important. How we maneuver through these circles will effect the amount of joy we experience in this life and effect the lives of generations to come after us. I also believe the first circle-we experience “the family” sets a tone for the rest of our life. No matter how you got in that circle.

There are many ways to look at your family.
Below is the commentary of a mother.....

Pre Path Elements Profile

My husband is a pain in the ——head strong, impossible to have a two way conversation with, thinks he’s always right and never listens.

My first born daughter is a drama queen, can’t handle the slightest bit of criticism and seems to be constantly worrying.

My sons, well they’re just like their father. Once they make up their minds to do something they’re both Unstoppable, head strong, the older a worrier the younger a loose cannon.

Younger sister number 1, holding on to her own stuff for dear life, accepting change for her is like going to the dentist, and she will do nothing that puts her out of her comfort zone.

The caboose, another drama queen, tough as nails but way too sensitive.

This group is exhausting. I feel like we are falling a part.

For all of you LBJ fans, take a closer look at this family, what do YOU SEE?

I have been ministering to families for more than a decade. The above scenario is so common. Do you see the thread? It’s looking at the negative and not seeing the positive truth, embracing the truth, enhancing the truth and celebrating the truth.
The remedy- The Path Elements Assessment, simple yet profound. The perfect first step to love, unity and transformation in the family. Path Elements gets to the core. So what you actually have in this scenario is a combination that equals-

2 Fires 2 Earths 2 Winds 2 Waters (Path Elements results)

A beautifully balanced circle of people that when they become enlightened together could ACTUALLY move mountains and YES CHANGE the world in beautiful, small, united, loving steps that will ripple and bless everyone around them.
Not what you usually hear when talking about family dynamics. However this can be true of “enlightened” families.

Mom post Path Elements - now enlightened.

My husband is a born leader, I look now for the perfect time to present my amazing ideas. I don’t talk too much and give him just the facts and he almost miraculously is able take “an amazing idea and make it a reality!” I’ve never seen anything so powerful.

My oldest daughter is wise beyond her years, able to see into the heart of each person she encounters. She creates an atmosphere of love, by her mere presence. When she has no input in our family situations it’s like an artist trying to paint with a razor blade.

My sons, just like their father also have the wonderful ability to literally make great ideas come to life.

The older son moves the mountains more gently, but he moves them!

The younger son moves mountains with untethered passion, inspiration and style.

My second youngest is the voice of reason. Steady, dependable always showing up and keeping the family order. Without her I believe we would have nothing tangible to cling to, somehow her very presence brings a solid structure, almost a visible post of tradition we all hang our hats on.

And finally our caboose, our youngest daughter always brings in a final dose of empathy and love. I so clearly see how our creator perfectly bookended our family with love. Our oldest is a water as well as our youngest. It’s a beautiful team and we need each part!

An enlightened family is like a Fortune 500 company, always growing, responsible, attracting clients, and nurturing its culture with what works.
I believe the Pep is a foundational first step to the Fortune 500 family.
A tool when fueled correctly can change the world one family at a time.

Jeannie Handelsman, Freedom Path


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