Ode to Earth


I can honestly remember THE moment like it was yesterday. I was in a room with total strangers when a wave of love hit me. “You all have piles everywhere too?” I asked…seriously in awe that this could be true. The beautiful, joyful faces answered back with a resounding “YES” and then we all busted out laughing.

This was the beginning of healing for me. Healing, I didn’t even know I needed and desperately. Wow I was a Wind like them, kind of loud, funny, overly excited and yes, surrounded by piles. This was how I was knit together in my mother’s womb, and it was good, very good!

That was back in 2006, when out of a desire to be obedient to God I went on a trip with my husband to Phoenix, Arizona and met the Laurie Beth Jones team. I say obedience because all I really wanted to do was stay home and chill while my Fire/Earth husband was gone for the week. The Lord had a better plan.  Before that magic moment I had spent many years beating myself up for my lack of organization, tardiness and yes, piles that I couldn’t seem to control.
This new “Wind” discovery catapulted me into a new, guilt-free life. I started to fall in love with myself. I am forever thankful for this beautiful revelation. Thank you Laurie Beth Jones!

I am Jeannie, I am passionate, I am creative, I am filled with new ideas, I am able to find the positive no matter how much burnt rubble is in my way. I am refreshing, I am Jeannie, I am a Wind! .....BUT…… guess what, now my piles are a little smaller, I’m on time more often than not and I even own a planner that I am determined to use!

I thought knowing I was a Wind was amazing….the real miracle came when I found out my best self was truly two steps outside of my Wind comfort zone.  Now, I wake up and hit the floor pretending that I am an EARTH. Some people like to imagine they are rock stars or a famous entrepreneur. My favorite daydream is Jeannie 88 Wind moving unshakeably, as a solid 88 EARTH. I visualize myself methodically and slowly moving through decisions as I resolve to keep the sweet schedule I made the night before. Now, I start my days doing the hard tasks first, like making phone calls and sending out Path schedules. Now this truly is Jeannie at her best.

Examining my opposite element has replaced irritation with love and admiration. Now, when I meet Earths I behold their need to know the steps before we move forward, I try to emulate their amazing way of being exactly where they say they will be and at the right time. Now I thank God that my wonderful husband has lots of Earth to hold us all together.
Jeannie the passionate Wind who loves Earths.
The Path Elements Assessment is fascinating and lovely.
It introduced me to Jeannie a Wind on her best day captured by a solid sail and actually going places.  My goal and desire is to get the Path and Path Elements tools to as many youth and their families as possible.  Since that year in 2006 I have not stopped moving towards this goal.  Come join us as we make our path forward to your school!

Jeannie Handelsman,  Path Licensed Member

Founder of Freedom Path in Cincinnati, OH


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