Puzzled? Well Puzzle no More

Ever try to complete a puzzle without the picture on the box? No?! Of course not as you have no frame of reference in which to place the pieces. Yet so often in life we move along our journey trying to figure out pieces of our puzzle without a clear picture or vision for ourselves.

We may have passions, needs, talents, personal and career choices that drive finding and putting pieces into partial sections of the puzzle yet we struggle with seeing our entire picture. Often we spend a lot of time searching in the piles of pieces for the right fit. We also seek out and ask others for help and look to social media or the internet for more information to complete our picture.

However, knowing your hard wiring, core values, purpose and vision cannot be found in the random searching of pieces or through outside sources. It is through the self-discovery process that we create our puzzle box picture that is meant for us. A picture and vision that allows the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place more easily while simultaneously giving direction, providing clarity, and creating movement.

Are you ready to create your unique picture and vision? Are you ready to identify and operate from your core value? Are you ready to know your purpose and find fulfillment? Come discover the Path Elements Profile and Path program.

Follow the link to set a time to connect and learn more about the Path Programs for Schools, Teachers, and Families.

Sally Ritter, Psychologist / Licensed Path Facilitator

San Diego, CA



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