Family Dynamics

I love family dynamics! I believe their are no coincidences and I believe the circles we find ourselves in are extremely important. How we maneuver through these circles will effect the amount of joy we experience in this life and effect the lives of generations to come after us. I also believe the first circle-we experience “the family” sets a tone for the rest of our life. No matter how you got in that circle.

There are many ways to look at your family.
Below is the commentary of a mother.....

Pre Path Elements Profile

My husband is a pain in the ——head strong, impossible to have a two way conversation with, thinks he’s always right and never listens.

My first born daughter is a drama queen, can’t handle the slightest bit of criticism and seems to be constantly worrying.

My sons, well they’re just like their father. Once they make up their minds to do something they’re both Unstoppable, head strong, the older a worrier the younger a...

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