Ode to Earth


I can honestly remember THE moment like it was yesterday. I was in a room with total strangers when a wave of love hit me. “You all have piles everywhere too?” I asked…seriously in awe that this could be true. The beautiful, joyful faces answered back with a resounding “YES” and then we all busted out laughing.

This was the beginning of healing for me. Healing, I didn’t even know I needed and desperately. Wow I was a Wind like them, kind of loud, funny, overly excited and yes, surrounded by piles. This was how I was knit together in my mother’s womb, and it was good, very good!

That was back in 2006, when out of a desire to be obedient to God I went on a trip with my husband to Phoenix, Arizona and met the Laurie Beth Jones team. I say obedience because all I really wanted to do was stay home and chill while my Fire/Earth husband was gone for the week. The Lord had a better plan.  Before that magic moment I had spent...

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