Empowering Families and Youth in Ohio

Empowering Families & Providing Hope Along An Inspired Path

By Julie Driskill, Director of DEFY Mentoring and certified Path Instructor

Defining SUCCESS is difficult.  Most people equate it with wealth, power, and happiness. But true success, a harvest, is not a thing you acquire or achieve. It is not a destination, but a journey - a GROWTH PROCESS you embark on your whole life long. For over forty years an Ohio non-profit organization, Family & Youth Initiatives, has set out to build transformative MENTORING relationships to “empower families and provide hope” for all who dare venture that inspired path. Connecting families and individuals to view the world in a deeper, more inspired way, FYI has built strong foundations for growth through education, training, and support over the years:

  • Parenting Networks – three locations in surrounding communities assisting with unplanned pregnancies or individuals seeking educational tools to become a better...
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