Helping 1 Million Men of Color

My mission is "To create an atmosphere of appreciation, motivation or service for humanity, helping people be and do their best."

As an adult survivor or sexual trauma and abuse I would like to be a conductor of celebration, appreciation, and motivation for 1 million millennial men of color who have also suffered silently, over many years with no one to confide in as they seek mental/health recovery.  I have longed for positive male mentorship and role models that I could look to for direction.  Those I could talk with to find answers to help navigate this journey we call life.  I have had the honor recently as an adult to find such help, on campus and in academic arenas that were absent in the ghettos where I was raised, lived and survived.

I did have the good fortune, many years ago to find and read the book, "The Path, Creating Your Mission for Work and Life" by Laurie Beth Jones. To say that it was life changing is an understatement.  I have recommended this...

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