2 Former Special Educators

Change happens One Mission at a Time

With a combined 48 years of service to education and special education, both Sally and Shelly have a passion to guide students towards graduation with a purpose.

The #EveryHighSchoolInAmerica project has launched this year with a goal of reaching 1000 students across America as part of the pilot program.  

Schools that have signed on, are using, or have experienced the Path:

Dayton Ohio - Tecumeseh Schools

Cincinnati Ohio - Fort Thomas School

Dayton Ohio - Greenen County School 

San Diego California - Hoover High 

AR - ALLPS School of Innovation 

TX - Paschal High School

To connect with Sally or Shelly send an email to [email protected].  They can lead a demonstration session with your staff, teachers, students, or PTA  so you can learn more about how the Path and Path Elements Frameworks can foster restorative justice, appreciation for differences, and give students a path that can become a roadmap for their future achievement and fulfillment.


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