About The Path

In 2003 there were some special needs students getting ready to graduate from high school.  They were unclear what they would do the rest of their lives.  For most of them college was not an option.

With less than two months left in the school year we decided to introduce the Path with this group of students.  The teachers and administration were supportive and we jumped in to share the Path.

At the end of the first few sessions of the Path the teachers in the classroom were amazed at the engagement and excitement the students had in learning about their purpose and future directions.

We were all hooked!  The Path in schools launched that year with that group of special needs students.  Their mission statements, stories, talents and excitement about the future lit a fire under all involved.  We have not looked back since.

The Path has been taught in both poverty and privileged environments.  The common thread is still the same.  The students want to know and be known.  The Path is a proven tool that has worked with over 500 thousand individuals and counting.  

We are on a mission to bring the Path to students, teachers and families in the #EveryHighSchoolInAmerica project.  We believe that every student deserves an opportunity to know themselves, to be known and to bring their gifts, desires and talents into the world.



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